Revelation Ministry


The New Covenant

The Sanctuary of the New Covenant

The Central Pillar – Daniel 8:14

The Law of God

The Creation

The Fall of Man

The Non-immortality of the Wicked

The Atonement

The Three Angels' Messages

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Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. Daniel 8:14


Our greatest desire is that as many as possible know about the final events of this earth’s history and how they can be prepared for the soon return of our Lord and Saviour. You can preveiw each item by clicking the image. To read the entire book click on the titles.

Online Books

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High Priest and Coming KingBrief chronological expansion of Christ’s closing work in the heavenly sanctuary
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Christ and the DragonA development of the conflict between Christ and Satan as revealed in Daniel & Revelation
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Great Controversy in NutshellBrief discussion of the conflict between Christ and Satan and how it affects every individual
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Closing Scenes of the Great ControversyAccount of events involving the close of this world’s history as revealed by God

Conflict of the Ages

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Patriarchs and Prophets Old Testament history and the plan of redemption from sin’s origin to King David's time
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Prophets and Kings Continues Old Testament history from King David’s time to the first advent of Jesus
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The Desire of Ages Sets forth Jesus Christ as the One Who is the very foun- dation of the Christian faith
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Acts of the Apostles History of the Christian church, its commission, work, trials and eventual triumph
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The Great ControversyDescribes the conflict between Christ and Satan affecting the world today

Additional Books

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Christ’s Object Lessons Parables of Jesus in a fresh light showing their application to Christian living today
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Steps to Christ Guides us step by step along the Christian pathway that leads to our heavenly home
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Foundation and PillarsA study guide to vital Bible truths which anchor God's people in these end times