Guide Your Children to Keep Them on the Right Path

If your kid wanted to play on the freeway would you let them? Of course not. I know the hip new parenting style is to let your kid make their own choices, but there is a reason your kid has parents. Part of our job is to teach them to make good choices, yes. But I promise you if I let my son choose what he wanted for dinner every night. We would have Popsicle every night.

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I know I am a little old fashioned when it comes to this topic. I make my kids eat vegetables, and of course I give them choices. "Do what I say or go to bed." "Get dressed or I'll get you dressed". They don't decide if they have to share or not. "Yes you have to share." We are inclined from birth to be selfish and we gravitate toward instant gratification. It takes a parent saying no and at times making things happen.

Proverbs 22:6 Trainchildren in the right way,and when old, they will not stray.

"No Pain, no train" or something to that effect. We must train our children in what is right even when it hurts or it is hard.

So, would you let your kid play on the freeway? of course not, because it's a matter of life and death right? if 85% of Christians came to know Jesus before they turned 15, shouldn't we have them participating in the church as much as possible? I thank God for the church I didn't want to go to. If it weren't fortheir prayers and love I would not be where I am today. They made me go. You never know which time God will get a hold of them.

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