I recently took a quiz on BuzzFeed...

I recently took a quiz on BuzzFeed to tell me what my subconscious was obsessed with. Now, I do not know BuzzFeed to ever be wrong, but I usually can at least predict the answer. But I took this quiz having no idea what the answer could even be, like what can your subconscious be obsessed with? Chocolate? Purple? Long walks on the beach and Pina Coladas? But as I saw my answer at the bottom of the page I was not at all surprised- my subconscious is obsessed with love. BuzzFeed nails it again.

I think I have alway been obsessed with love. I am not a hopeless romantic, but I am obsessed with love. I am not fixated on Nicholas Sparks book, I have not watched The Notebook 17 times, I do not listen to Taylor Swifts songs on repeat, or plan out the perfect proposal. But I love love. Love is in my innermost beings. I love the way my parents love me, the way my sister loves her fianc, the way God loves me, the way my brother and sister-in-law love their little girls, the way my step-mom loves animals (I really do I swear) the way the church loves. I love to love others.

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But what is the difference? What makes this love more true?

Its unconditional. Its for-the-long-haul-you-cant-screw-it-up unconditional love.

That is what makes it so powerful. Thats what gives it the flair.

When you give someone unconditional love they blossom

Wow. Just give that a second.

When I heard that it was like someone turned the lights on in the room I hadbeen in for a long time. It gave words to what I have always wanted my life to speak. If you love someone, with no restraint with no stipulations it gives them the freedom to fail without fear, to grow, to change. It gives them the freedom to become everything they we're created to be.

That is what God has shown me. I have thrived knowing that God loves all of me- and not because of anything that I have done, and not because of how much I love Him. Just because He is and I am . And that has made all the difference in my life. I don't live in fear of messing up, I live only to become all that I can be.

Can you imagine what would happen if we all loved like that? Where we stopped putting restrictions on our love and started opening our hearts and just letting people in? Where we did not turn away from someone because they screwed up or hurt us- but instead we loved them through it?

It isn't easy, it causes countless frustrations, and it will require lots of love- but in the end, the blossom is always worth it.

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