God moves each of us...

Wait, is the word that grabs my attention. Its a divine command that seems curiously out of step with the spirit of this age. After all, we are a culture that is in love with ACTION. DECISIVE ACTION. We speak about the need to strike while the iron is hot, or Seize the day! or even boldly go where no man has gone before. These are the watchwords of a generation that is in love with change, transformation, and revolutionary technology. This (be it a smartphone, an investment instrument, or a new shampoo) changes everything! It calls for a new paradigm, a new mindset, a new future. Brace yourselves!!!

Pardon me, but Yada, yada, yada. After a decade or two of this, I am unimpressed with the rapturous ideology of the new market/technology/frontier/whatever . . . . It has gone stale for me. Perhaps I'm just disappointed. After all, for years I believed according to Stanley Kubrick that we would have a manned mission to Jupiter and computers that we're sentient by 2001. Wheres my flying car, anyway?

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Now . . . check this out: Isaiah 40:39 speaks to a generation of Gods people that are being called out of slavery and servitude and are now allowed to return to their old home, the promised land. I'd say that is truly a revolutionary time. But they are told improbably to wait for the Lord. Why? Why wait?

We wait because it is God who moves us. It is God who sustains us. In this passage I imagine the movement of God among the exiles is like the wind filling sails of a great sea going vessel. The crew is free to paddle and row all they want. But they will soon wear out. Soon enough they will face complete exhaustion. But if we wait for the Spirit, God will fill our sails with energy and vitality for the long haul.

Advent tells us that it is not only important to know when to act decisively. It is perhaps even more important to know when to wait decisively. How have you been waiting upon God?

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