Achieving debt-free status is something prized in agrarian circles

Achieving debt-free status is something prized in agrarian circles. In fact, there are many outside of the world of agrarianism that are pursuing and actively living debt-free. It is a great and noble goal. But is it always realistic? Are there times when incurring debt is necessary? Yes, debt is sometimes necessary.

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Put your cyber tomatoes down and reason with me for a minute. Debt is best to be avoided. Yet, there are times in life when debt is the only way we can move toward a worthy goal. Granted, we live in a world where folks sign away their life without a second thought. Often times the reason for the debt is wanting more now at any cost. I am sure there are hardnosed anti-debt proponents reading this blog. If you have achieved debt-free status, super. However, imposing your values on others without regard is a bit legalistic. There is a proper time and place to take out a loan. In fact, one very wise farmer told me, I wouldn't be where I am today, if I didn't take out a loan. You just need to hunker down and double and triple the payments. Continue to live simply and pay it off as fast as you can.

When you are a first generation farmer, building the agrarian vision, there may be a need to take out a loan to begin the process. We spent much time on bended knee when we took out the loan to build our dairy barn. We simply outgrew our single bucket milking system. We have sacrificed a great deal to make the dream of having a dairy barn a reality. We continue to drive used vehicles; both are on their second transmissions. I continue to use deteriorating cabinets and walk on badly stained carpet. When examining our decision to incur debt, we felt it was necessary for our business. We also knew that the barn would generate an income to pay for the debt we incurred.That income is not based on projected sales, but the income is based on current sales. Meaning, if we never grew and even lost a few customers we would still be able to make payments on our loan. Laying new flooring, or installing new cabinets, will not generate an income. We are not taking out debt to indulge in carnal desires, but to help us more effectively live out our farmstead dream. I would love to announce that we have enough cash reserves to build it without debt. In this day and age, it just isn't possible.

Does this mean we have lessened our value in the area of agrarianism? I don't believe so. Did we make a mistake? Will the economy collapse and the sky fall? Well, it could. Our plan is to do exactly what our wise farmer friend suggested. We will hunker down and double and triple the payments. The soapmaking and breadbaking endeavors we're launched to do just that. The important point is to take debt seriously. Examine all the ramifications and especially your heart. God will show you the right path for you. Sometimes that means incurring debt for a short while.

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